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Revised strategy helps to fight virus

12th June 2020 BY: Halima Frost

The Advanced Group has pooled its available resources and introduced its Advanced Health Care Services & Systems Programme – a complete Covid-19-and-beyond detection and prevention ‘plan of action’ for clients.

“The programme is a complete solution and brings together so many excellent Group companies, harnessing specialised skills and services that, ultimately, leave nothing to chance,” says Advanced Healthcare Services executive Trevor Fiford.


He adds that any worthwhile Covid-19 preparedness programme starts with a comprehensive risk and health assessment.

As such, the programme’s foundation includes professional consulting and training services based on client needs and current documented information on Covid-19.


“We assist clients in implementing a decontamination and sanitation programme to ensure business continuity. A tailor-made solution is then implemented for every client,” he says.

The group has also embraced detection technology by introducing the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) fever screen, which can be set up at access points in commercial, industrial and office spaces, and which detects or screens people for the most common indicator of Covid-19 – high body temperature as well as changes to facial features that could be caused by illness.

Fiford points out that the thermal sensor can detect temperatures from 10 m away, so it does not cause bottlenecks, even with large numbers of people. The data from the system is instantly and automatically processed by the accompanying AI software, which records employee details in the database by linking an individual’s face to the biometric data or to other access control inputs.

Thereafter, the AI sends an instruction through the application programming interface in the access control system, which, in turn, allows for access to the facility if the person is cleared.

Other services include the development of the SpraySafe tunnel, which sanitises mass entrance and exit points using high-pressure nozzles at about 60 bar. The high pressure creates an effective fine mist of Advanced VITA (meaning Life in Italian) – the Advanced Group’s own 100% non-toxic sanitiser – to ensure full body and shoe coverage.

Fiford points out that every tunnel can sanitise more than 430 people an hour while ensuring full coverage of the body entering the tunnel. The system is completely mobile and set-up is simple and quick.

The group has also introduced a portable, collapsible shower that offers instant decontamination and full body sanitising.

Further additions include a fully qualified and equipped decontamination service to ensure that every effort is made to keep the working environment and tools free from the virus.

Advanced Group has also implemented the necessary means to deploy its services to clients in a fast and effective manner. These include decontamination trailers, mobile systems – including ambulances, response vehicles and mass decontamination trucks – as well as compressor-driven standalone systems, notes Filford.

It also supplies personal protective equipment.

Fiford boasts that the Advanced Group’s sanitiser is widely used and carries international certifications from credible bodies such as US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Food & Drug Administration.

Further, the group finds the number of companies selling untested products and services just to make a sale disconcerting.

“Every company is under duress, so it is critical that expenditure for the mitigation of Covid-19 is spent on the right measures the first time.”

The group, therefore, encourages companies using sanitising services to thoroughly vet companies before engaging with suppliers for products and services. It also advises that customers deal with suppliers that can offer the total solution from a single source to ensure complete integration and accountability.

“Each and every one of us has an obligation to ensure that we are doing everything possible to make valuable contributions to the battle against Covid-19,” concludes Fiford. 

EDITED BY: Nadine James Features Deputy Editor
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